I think I’ve fallen in love with Instagram!!

Instagram for Photographers

What would we do without Social media?? We can interact with friends and clients on a daily basis without even talking to anyone. But like everything, it has to be balanced and social media is just an element of a photographer’s marketing strategy; albeit a big part of the strategy. Up until recently I didn’t really get Instagram and felt like it was something I had to do for my business. Wow how things are changing for me ….

What I’ve come to realise over the last few months is that Instagram not only shouts out our brand portfolio but also provides a great insight into the person behind the branding. For me if I am not marketing on Instagram, then perhaps my business isn’t where it should be. Instagram allows me to communicate with my brides and families, as well as potential clients, and showcase my beautiful photography. I love the visual storytelling element of Instagram; sharing someone’s lifestyle, their own personal stories and the brands they love and buy into. For many it can be a journey of self-discovery too. Also it is fun!

I recently attended a master class by Catherine Connor from Aspire Photography Training at the SWPP Convention in London and asked Catherine what her thoughts were on Instagram:

” Instagram is a gift for all in business, it gives us the opportunity to showcase who we are. Our story, our personalities. We live and work in a very visual world, Instagram our Instaworld is the ideal resource that celebrates all that we do stylishly” Catherine Connor

I am loving working with Snigdha Parijat! Being part of her amazing fashion blog is amazing. Snigdha has shown me how important Instagram is for fashion bloggers. It’s a fantastic way to showcase fashion styles and outfits. Some of these bloggers have thousands of followers; I’m up to 435! Snigha has over 3,300. I’m on a mission to increase my followers! From my experience, Instagramers have a love and passion for their business. Instagram inspires us and provides us with the confidence to grow our business.

I asked Snigdha for her views on Instagram for her business:

“Being a very positive person I’ve always tried to look at the bright side of things. Social media for example can be a boon and bane at the same time. There is so much power and influence that can be tapped constructively if desired or misused. From helping communities to building businesses, I’ve seen the social media as one of the biggest assets for this generation.

I’ve therefore decided to make the most of this potential and work on my branding on Instagram and Facebook to share my thoughts and skills with you all. I’ve decided to collaborate with brands and bring to you honest reviews of products and services along with a colourful variety of my experiences.

So if you want to see some creativity straight from the heart, stay tuned for a lot more coming your way this year” Snigdha

Social media has become a way of individuals creating a career and this is especially so on Instagram. According to Kellie Baldwin as written in the new Debut magazine, when you get to over 20,000 followers brands will start paying you to promote their products. How amazing is that!

I plan for Instagram to be a big part of my social media strategy this year and excited about posting lots of amazing photographs. I’m looking forward to being inspired by those who I follow and of course grow my followers. My new clients are on Instagram and we are about to meet ….

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