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What is Tara’s success to looking great recently?

She does really look amazing and if I hadn’t followed her on Facebook, I would have never have recognized her when I bumped into her town the other week. Recent events have taken a decade off Tara’s looks – she is truly beautiful inside and out! With a very decisive personality, I admire Tara for taking direction and focusing on getting on with her life.

Beautiful women photography- The Market Hotel, Alton

So when I met Tara in town, I asked her if we could meet up as I would love to write a blog post for my website on how she has transformed her life and her look. She is an inspiration to other women who are on, or dream of, a similar lifestyle journey to Tara.

Beautiful women photography- The Market Hotel, Alton

Tara is 35 years old, owner of The Market Hotel in Alton and the mother of two beautiful little girls Violet and Ruby; she has a hectic life, never a 9 to 5, but really does life live to the full.   She did admit that because she lives her life to the full she is often late. If her daughters get invited to three parties on the same day, they would go to them all…nothing stops Tara. I am so looking forward to a photo shoot with Tara and her girls capturing the connection between Tara and her little girls.

With a degree in Illustration, it is clear she has style from the décor of the Market Hotel. She is one independent business lady but maybe not the path she had envisaged when she opened the Market Hotel back in September 2011. No one ever knows what the future holds for us but Tara has turned her life around.

Tara and I could have talked all afternoon. When we were chatting, I had a bit of a light bulb moment, is it our relationships that make us lose part of our identity along the way. Are we so content in our relationship that we become lazy and neglect to make an effort on our own appearances? I’ve seen this in the past with a lot of mums; a ‘mumsie’ look evolves and there is no reason to dress-to-impress! We might even compromise on what is important to us and suppress our own personalities to be happy in a relationship. For quite a few of us women, there comes a trigger in our life that makes us want ‘more-sunshine’ in our life.

Beautiful women photography- The Market Hotel, Alton

For Tara, she has always been in a relationship since she was 16 and felt that she had lost her own identity. Coming from a family who work really hard, she’s definitely a ‘sleeves-up’ and ‘do-it’ girl. She remembers her school years; full of character and had so many amazing friends. She was the girl you wanted to be with. There is no doubt in my mind now though that Tara has definitely found her own identify in this last year. She has had some tough emotional times over the last year and channeled her energies into keeping fit and losing weight.  For Tara if she focuses really hard on the physical challenge, it takes away some of that emotional pain. Although discovering her own identify, she has never lost sight of what is important to her and those little girls have a brilliant and amazing Mum.

Success is important to Tara and she will never stop being busy – that is who is she. She now knows though that with any future relationships, the guy will have to accept her for who she is and love her for the person she is. She is a beautiful person with a real zest for life.

I love how Tara has changed her look. Having lost so much weight, she needed a new wardrobe but not only changed her wardrobe but changed her look. Inspired by Vogue and top fashion blogs, she has found her own identity. Her old wardrobe went to Naomi House Children’s charity, which just shows what such a giving personality she has.

Beautiful women photography- The Market Hotel, Alton

Instagram has been an important part of Tara’s journey in her new life. It has allowed her to express herself and record her journey in life. Her appearance, dress and makeup are now part of her daily routine and how she represents herself to the outside world. Myself only being 5 ft 1, Tara with her heels made me feel tiny, I need to wear heels more often. Heels do give women a sense of elegance and confidence. I do believe for Tara though that her appearance has a greater impact on her own self-esteem and how she feels about her new life. There is more sunshine to come for Tara.

Any single woman has a fear of Valentine’s day where everything is focused on happy couples. Tara and I are going to celebrate a new kind of valentines for those beautiful women out there who do, and should, love themselves. A little black dress for Valentine’s day… keep an eye out for our blog.

Whilst writing this blog, I do believe it is ‘meant to be’ that we met 5-6 years ago and now we are coming together again at a point in time where we don’t know where our lives will go but we know we are good for each other here and now. Tara’s big adventure is happening now and her future book is yet to be written but glad I’m a page on that book.

Thank you Tara for sharing your story to inspire others…..



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