Escaping your own little bubble…

Have you ever been on holiday and met someone who made a difference to your holiday? We often say we must keep in touch but in reality normal life kicks in and I would imagine that very few holiday-friends continue when we do get home.   Sometimes the circumstances around why and how we meet someone can create an instant friendship.

I won’t go into the details of the exact moment Carole and I met; although those close to me will know the scenario. Whatever the reason and how it came about, we spent a couple of hours chatting on the beach in Bequai whilst on our Caribbean Cruise. It is sometimes rare that you connect with someone and they will always be part of your life.

Coming back from our holiday, I had decided to take my photography business in a new direction and being fortunate in having a brand new studio available, I have spent the last couple of months building a newborn baby photography business and to be honest I have been overwhelmed with the interest from lots of new mummies and daddies. Juggling starting out on a new arm of my business and maintaining my existing wedding business has been quite full on. If I was totally honest I was tempted to cancel my pre-arranged visit to meet up with Carole in Silverdale in Cumbria but having re-arranged once, I couldn’t do it.   And how pleased am I that I took time out to get away and spend a couple of quality girlie time with a new-found special friend.  Sometimes we can get some self-consumed with our own businesses, that we become isolated to what is going on outside our own little bubble.

Having the chance to chill and have girlie chats over a glass of wine was fantastic. So what were the things that I will take away with me from this visit….

Is there really a North / South divide. Being a Southern girl and Carole being a Northern girl, it was interesting to explore views from different sides of the country and in fact does it feel like two different countries? I always thought that those in the north ‘Work to Live’ but maybe in the South we ‘Live to Work’. Chatting on the eve of the general election did the split become more apparent? Without getting in heavy political discussions we were able to chat about how our upbringing and personal experiences influenced our political views. So whatever the outcome of the election, having close friendships won’t change.

We were fortunate for it to be dry on Wednesday so we were able to get out and walk with Carole’s dog Martha. I want a Martha! Maybe having a dog would make me get out and exercise more.   Not sure if Billy my cat would be impressed with a Martha. We visited the point where Nick Platt on Coronation Street was rescued from the quick sand and discovered Jenny Brown’s point (Jenny Brown being my maiden name). For anyone wanting a visit to Cumbria must have Silverdale and Morecambe Bay on their list. I loved my visit.

Carole mentioned Jenny Brown’s point as a place we could visit and this was a definite yes for me as Jenny Brown is my maiden name.

There is definitely more of a community spirit up North. After an amazing curry meal, we stopped off at the Woodland’s Hotel in Silverdale. Such a quirky pub.. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. It was an amazing building which could have made a fantastic wedding venue but we went through a couple of rooms to reach a little back bar. Carole and I were fascinated watching the local knitting group preparing for the upcoming arts trail event. It has inspired me to knit some products for my newborn baby photography business. I have the wool that we have bought in Kendal but let’s see when I get to produce the finished product!

So whether the answer is for life is to be simple and uncomplicated or go-ahead and full on, our experiences on our journey through life make us who we are and what we feel is important to make us happy in our world and the outer world too!



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  • Charleyanne - June 13, 2017 - 10:14 pm

    People enter our lives when we need them. And so sometimes leave our lives. Carole was meant to be in your life. So glad you got away and stooped for reflection.

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