Will you love honour and share on Facebook?

Will you love honour and share on Facebook?

It’s a tricky one. But when it’s your special day, you want every aspect to be perfect. It’s easier than ever to share images of your big day on Facebook, Instagram and more. But what if you want to keep them ready for when you want to release them? So that friends and loved ones don’t publish your images until you say so
. There is a way!

When I started out as a wedding photographer in Swindon over 8 years ago, social media was only just beginning. Now, like many other wedding photographers in Farnham and Alton, I know only too well how important social media is in using social media to showcase my wedding photography.


Perhaps you don’t mind photos of your wedding being published before your official images. However if you want to savour the magic until you’re ready, I’ll make sure that you’re the very first to see your images. I can even publish some sneak preview images to whet the appetite of your friends and family before or even during your honeymoon. This way you’ll be completely happy with your images and they’ll be ready to be published when you choose.

This is also the time for you to let your guests know exactly your plans. If you do want to save all your images until you’re ready, I’d recommend mentioning your wishes in your invitation. That way your guests will be able to respect your wishes. Don’t forget that if you’re on honeymoon, you may not be able to keep an eye on Facebook etc. depending on your Internet access, so this way you’ll avoid any unwanted photos from being published.

I’d also recommend a quirky reminder on your tables on your day – just to remind guests of your preferences. They’ll understand – it’s your day after all! Getting a little technical, it’ll also be worthwhile changing your security settings on Facebook so that you keep complete control of who sees you and who’s able to tag you in photos.

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