Wedding photographer for Barnett Hill, Guildford

When I first moved to Hampshire, I had been a wedding photographer for over 7 years but in this new county no one knew me. Therefore it was really important that I networked with venues I wanted to work with.

Wedding at Barnett Hil Guildford

One of my first venues I visited was Barnett Hill and even today 3 years later, Barnett Hill is a venue that is very special to me. The wedding coordinator at the time, took the time to get to know me; I wasn’t just another wedding photographer.   I have continued to nurture my relationship with Barnett Hill and recently have got to know the new wedding planner Kelly very well.

For a wedding venue to trust a photographer, we have to build that relationship so they get to know you as a person. We are a team providing an amazing experience for bride and grooms.

So today I had the pleasure of chatting to Kelly, Barnett Hill’s wedding co-ordinator to find out a little more about what makes a wedding at Barnett Hill so special.

Kelly joined Barnett Hill in September 2015 and hasn’t looked back. She had been a wedding co-ordinator at a larger hotel that was more focused on volume bookings rather than the service that they provided to bride and grooms.   Kelly loves the personal touch that she can provide at Barnett Hill. She loves to work closely with bride and grooms and it is important that they love their wedding experience at Barnett Hill.

So what makes Barnett Hill so special… Imagine having Barnett Hill as your exclusive home for the day – all yours for your special day.   With such gorgeous settings and beautiful grounds it is no wonder that the exclusive use package is becoming more and more popular.

Kelly and the Barnett Hill team are working really hard to promote the hotel within the local area. It is such an amazing location outside of Guildford that sometimes even the locals do not know it exists. With some focused get-to-know-us sessions like Valentines Day and Mothers Day, the word is definitely getting out there that this is a venue to share your special times.

So what is the Barnett Hill’s typical bride… it’s not only the first time brides that will book Barnett Hill. It’s more about the style of the venue, that the bride feels comfortable with the venue and the Barnett Hill team deliver a wonderful wedding experience.

So I asked Kelly what she thought about us wedding photographers. Kelly believes it is so important that any photographer has a good relationship with the wedding venue team. Photographing a wedding is such an important part of your day; it captures your memories. A photographer needs to be accurate with their timings and make sure that they hand the bride and groom back to the venue at the right time for the wedding breakfast so their meal is just perfect.

Unlike some venues, Kelly will be with you on your wedding day. The operations team will run the day as this is their expertise but Kelly is there to make sure every important aspect of your wedding is just right. Kelly is your re-assurance that everything is in hand and your day will be exactly how you planned it.

So I asked Kelly what she thought were some of the themes for weddings recently. Light Up Letters have become so popular. It used to be just the bride and groom initials but recently letters have become bigger and even with changing colours. It would be interested to see what the trend at Barnett Hill is for 2017… let’s hope I get to share a lot of wedding photograph at Barnett Hill so the story will be told.

Whilst it would be lovely to Barnett Hill to increase the number of wedding bookings but what is more important is that they retain the personal touch and every brides wedding is so special it definitely deserves the one to one personal touch.

Without a doubt Kelly is one of the best wedding co-ordinators out there and why wouldn’t you want her to be part of your special day… Barnett Hill!



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