The youngest wedding guests

It’s a big decision whether to include children at your wedding. As a wedding photographer in Farnham and Alton, every wedding that I attend is different. Some couples choose to include children of their family and friends, but some prefer to make it an adult only affair. The decision is yours. Ultimately, it’s your big day and your guests should respect your wishes.

For me, children bring joy to your day.


I love capturing their sense of fun and imagination. And more than anything, their amazing energy that seems to go on for hours. Even though they’ll have spent the day getting ready, going to the ceremony, sitting through the reception meal, you can guarantee that they still have oodles of energy to dance until after most of the adults have sat down for a rest!

It’s difficult though, when you’re making the decision whether to include them. Our youngest guests, particularly babies, may not have the ability or the interest to sit through the ceremony or speeches. And this may also mean that the parents looking after them may not be able to enjoy this time as much as they may be occupying their child or having to take them out.

farnham-wedding-photographer_child2 As a wedding photographer, I love to see the children having fun on my clients’ special day. Especially during the summer and light evenings when they’re playing outside and having fun – even if it means that their wedding suit trousers get covered in grass stains – it’s a sign that they’ve enjoyed themselves.



A brilliant idea that I’ve seen at some weddings is to have a crèche set up. The children love it.  This means parents can enjoy the wedding breakfast meal and speeches and everyone is happy.

For me though, a big part of having children at a wedding, is bringing all the family together.

Weddings are a brilliant for sharing times with cousins, aunts, uncles and of course grandparents – perhaps some of your relations and friends that you rarely get to see. Not only that, you’ll have a wonderful collection of photographs to look back on that capture these special moments.

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