Teenagers – dedicated followers of fashion

I love photographing teenagers. They’re not quite adults and they’re definitely not children. It’s a time when they embark on a journey of discovery – finding out what they like and developing their own sense of style. Image is such a huge thing for teens. It’s everywhere – on TV, in magazines and particularly on the web. What’s quite interesting though is how as a country, the UK does not appear to be quite as obsessed with image as other countries.teenager7

I was amazed to find out that the variety of magazines for teenagers has actually reduced over the years. Depending on your age, you may remember being a dedicated follower of fashion who loved to read Just Seventeen and Bliss for all of the latest fashion what to wear and what not to wear. Now it’s even easier for teens to get their latest fashion fix from Facebook pages for their favourite magazines. Teen Now (UK) has 18,893 followers on Facebook, which might seem quite a lot. But when you compare to Teen Vogue with 5,525,452 followers, that’s quite a bit of difference!


So for teens today it’s all about the models. They want to look like them, dress like them and be like them. In this age when celebrity lifestyle is placed on a pedestal, I’m really keen to show teens – and in fact all of my wonderful clients – that they are all beautiful in their own way – and that doesn’t mean being necessarily model-esque. Which is why I offer a fantastic opportunity for teens in Alton and Farnham to truly experience the model lifestyle just for a day. My shoots are really about having fun and making them feel special. My aim is for them to have an experience that they’ll always remember and help to boost their confidence.







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