Seize the Day, Life is Beautiful…

Sometimes it takes for someone else’s world to be turned upside down to make you realize how precious life is and how you need to grab life and make things happen!

The photographs I took of Snigdha recently are prefect for my blog…

Fashhion blogger Wiltshire

Time goes by so quickly and I often hear myself say there are not enough hours in the day, I can’t get into a routine to exercise, I’m going to make my business successful…. The truth is these are all excuses really and what I need is a little motivation and determination to make things happen.

So what are the three things I’m going to seize in my life this week…

Where does my time go during the day that I cannot fit in exercise? I’ve got my day planner sitting on my desk, which I must say has been blank for quite a few weeks now so it’s going to help me keep track of how I am spending my day. Taking time out for exercise will be great for my mind as well as my body.   My new walking/running routine will start his week! I should blog my progress!

Scribbling down my wish list of what I want to achieve this week, I need to focus on my diet… so need to think carefully about what I eat and drink and maybe give myself a ‘lent’ period of no-wine to acererate a bit of weight loss. Drink more water is a good goal for today!

I’ve recently made a financial investment into launching my newborn photography business and boldly heading off on a new path for my business. I cannot let the fear of failure distract me from my mission of having a better work-life balance with my business.   I may be dreaming big but I am going to pick up the phone and chat to people about my business rather than hiding behind an email.

I will make a difference and at the end of each day will feel proud of myself for seizing the day and make my life truly beautiful!

Photographs taken of Snighna (Fashion Blogger) at a recent shoot for Snighna’s blog.


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