Nature or Nurture …. Capturing beautiful portraits in Wiltshire

All last week I had been thinking about the content for my ‘About Me’ weekly blog post. I didn’t just want it to be a log of what I did in my week but wanted to share something about my world as a photographer that means something to me.

And then you get a light bulb moment when something happens that makes you realise how special your job is. I’ve always been interested in the subject of nature and nurture and how generics can be so strong. As parents we think we bring up our children all the same but sometimes the order that we are born can have a big impact on the way we are. I am the middle child with two sisters and I often wonder whether middle-child syndrome exists. I do believe that being the middle child has shaped who I am and the path my life has taken. Or is it just simply my genes that determine who I am? My sisters would say I am totally different to them and always done things slightly differently.   I remember as a child my elder sister doing things first and I felt that when it was my turn, it wasn’t as exciting so maybe this drove me to work harder and prove I could do better.

So what inspired me to write this blog… little Alba! I don’t think I have ever met a chattier little 3 year old.   She had never met me before but even before she had got out of the car she didn’t stop talking. She is adorable but as her mum, Emma, said her constant chatting can be a little frustrating and she might need to be reminded that mummy needs thinking time. So who was in charge of the photo shoot Alba or me?? Think it might have been Alba!   I think this little girl will go far in life. She has an infectious personality and so creative. We played a little game of finding fairies catching them on her hand and then Alba says ‘She died’! It was one of those moments that made us laugh and such a vivid imagination.   The poor little fairy! Alba’s elder sister, Mollie, on the other hand is so calm with such a gentle personality. She is so beautiful with her dark eyes and hair. I love the elegance and beauty of her photographs I took. She has the perfect personality to compliment her sister.

Before the photo shoot with Emma and the girls, I caught up with Ash for her pre-wedding photo shoot with her groom-to-be Shannon and their two sets of twins. I haven’t seen Ash for many years. She will always be special to me as she modeled for me when I did my photography degree. Ash had twin boys and then a couple of years later was pregnant naturally with two little girls. Wow! How incredible is that. Both twins are non-identical but the funny thing is that each boy twin looks so much like one of the girl twins. All four children have their own little personalities and it’s such an amazing experience to watch them play and capture their personalities.

As a portrait photographer it is an absolute pleasure to capture the personalities of little ones and how those little personalities can shape who they are in the adult world. So with my week starting off at the NEC Photography Show and how suppliers can attract with me products and techniques to show me how they can make me the most successful photographer but to be honest I have what I need right here and now to capture those special moments of my clients. But I will never be complacent and there are always things we can learn and as I venture into the new world of maternity and newborn photography I have a new photography journey ahead of me.


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