Gratitude for those on my journey with me….

Being a few minutes late can change the course of your journey in life.   On Friday, I intended to catch the 6.14am train to London for my annual trip to the SWPP photography conference but got delayed a little by having to clear the frozen snow from my car (should have done that last night!)   I feared the drive down the hill, which looked like one big slide on an ice rink. Driving very slowly I managed to get down the hill without sliding and crashing my car.  In life fear shouldn’t hold us back; just do it!


So I believe anything is possible and overcoming fear and determination can make you succeed. I missed my train by 2 minutes. However, missing that train meant I had a lovely chat with the lady in the kiosk, which would have never have happened if I had caught the earlier train.   When I look back on this day I would say that lady contributed to a great start to my day. She brought a smile to my face. It’s the people we meet along the way that makes our journey special.

Any journey we take, it would be very lonely without the support of family, friends and those who inspire us.   So I would like to show my gratitude to a few of those on my journey with me…

So without a doubt the number one person has to be my Mum. My parents are of a generation where you don’t tell your family you love them but I know that my Mum is always there for me. You’d never find my Mum on Facebook; modern technology just doesn’t come into her life. She might not even have the right words to make you feel better at times when you feel sad, but she is the kindest, giving person I know.   Having lots of money is not important and being together with my dad makes her happy. My parents don’t need expensive cars, clothes or gadgets to enhance their life; they have each other. My mum is reliable, honest and trustworthy; core values which I believe are so important to be reflected within the branding for my business.

Wow, I cannot believe it has been over 20 years that Charlie has been my best friend. We met when we worked together and then Charlie moved to the States. Showing my age now, but we actually kept in touch with writing letters to each other before email or even Facebook ever existed. There was something quite magical about receiving a hand written letter in the post. Where possible I love to send correspondence to my brides in the post; it makes the connection special.  I bet Charlie has even kept some of those letters. Not only has she has been my rock when I needed her through difficult times of relationships, divorce, IVF, adoption but also has given me enormous support from a personal self-esteem perspective.   I would say Charlie is my ‘Number One Raving Fan’ for my photography business. She is so supportive and I know she is proud of what I have achieved. She always knows just the right words. Charlie is my star!

I first met the amazing Catherine Connor at the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers conference in Coventry in January 2005. I remember going to one of her master class talks and there was standing room only. She captivated everyone for those couple of hours. Catherine is such an inspirational lady, full of energy and never short of amazing creative ideas.  Every time I hear Catherine speak I come away with my pretty notebook filled with fantastic ideas and a huge list of things to-do. Catherine engages with people and makes us all feel special.  Catherine is one special lady.   I don’t believe my business would be where it is today without the training and support from not only Catherine but all the Aspire girls; Jayne, Jen & Ailish

I’m so excited for my journey for 2017 and look forward to friends and family adding a little sparkle to my journey…..

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  • CharlieAnne wright - January 15, 2017 - 11:13 pm

    I’ll always be there for you. Yes I’m incredibly proud of you! There’s more out there fir you to do!

  • Catherine Connor - January 16, 2017 - 8:30 am

    Wonderful and inspirational all at the same time. This year will be your year! You are an incredible business woman x

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