Get a Wedding Photographer in Farnham or Alton for Those Vital Moments

Your wedding may only last for an entire day, but the precious memories that you make during this momentous milestone in your life will live on for a long time to come. That’s why many couples like you choose a professional wedding and portrait photographer in Alton to cover your special day and make sure that important moments are skilfully and creatively captured.

Wedding Photos

To do that, I meet with bride and groom to draw up a list of those key moments in a wedding. An article in Today.com listed some of the instances you might want documented for posterity. Here are some of them:

  • Bride’s dress on the hanger or over a chair
  • Close-up of bride’s shoes
  • Close-up of bride’s bouquet
  • Bride in curlers or having makeup applied
  • Bridesmaids applying their makeup
  • Bride putting on garter
  • Mum and/or bridesmaids helping the bride arrange her dress, bustle the train, etc.
  • Close-up of dress details
  • Bride together with bridesmaids
  • Bride hugging mum
  • Flower girl(s) ready to go
  • Mum or bridesmaids putting finishing touches on bride, adding the veil, etc.
  • Bride spending moment alone, thinking quietly or looking out the window
  • Full-length shot of bride all dressed and ready to go
  • Groom with best man and ushers
  • Flower girls and page boys
  • Groom with dad, hugging or whispering advice

As a professional wedding photographer near Farnham I can suggest other wedding highlights that are worth capturing in photographs. In fact, as a pro photographer I already have an extensive portfolio and know which shots to take, when to take them, and how to take them best.

Another advantage to having a professional take your wedding photos is the sense of style and creativity. You’ll want something more than candid shots to showcase your wedding. From portraits to black-and-white group shots, there are many types of pictures that can be taken during the event. As a professional I know how to deliver the mood of the moment using the right angles and proper lighting.

Equipment is also another thing to consider. Although many people have access to digital cameras these days, they probably don’t have the lenses or flash units and similar gear needed to come up with sharp and well-composed images. I have a complete set of equipment and know how to use them for best results.

Finally, as a professional I bring my experience to the table. You can request relatives or good friends to take pictures, but you can’t expect great outputs—unless they’re professionals themselves. Professional wedding photographers know how weddings usually go and are sure to capture all the memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

(Source: Must-take wedding photos, Today.com)

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