Farnham Wedding Photographer Helps Women Entrepreneurs Gain Exposure


barnett_hill_alice_in_wonderland31In the U.K., not all entrepreneurs wear suits and ties. According to statistics, more and more women are starting their own enterprises, and they now account for 17% of all business owners in the country. Still, they represent a minority in the business world. As a female wedding photographer in Farnham—and the proprietor of Jennifer Sinclair Photography—I wanted to help my fellow women entrepreneurs gain further exposure through my pictures.

Hence, I’ve recently launched a photo series entitled “A Day in the Life of.” My goal is to capture the day-to-day struggles—and joys—that women face as business owners. To do this, I’ve teamed up with two businesses in the Alton community that are run by women: Qwirky Women and Fit Hula Honeys.

Qwirky Women is a fashion boutique that sells distinctive accessories and clothing. Its Alton branch opened in early April, which is why I wanted to capture the excitement and challenge that comes with expanding a business.

Fit Hula Honeys, on the other hand, was started in May of last year and has gained many clients, thanks to its unique “twist” on workouts: using hula hoops! The company offers personal training and circuit classes, and I wanted my pictures to reveal what it’s like for women to helm a company founded on an unconventional idea.

Since both business are relatively new, their online presence is not yet well-established. The pictures I’ve taken will consequently be used to promote them on the World Wide Web. Aside from this, the photos will also be uploaded to their respective social media accounts to give customers an insider’s look at the life of women entrepreneurs.

I’ve served as a wedding photographer to Alton couples for many years, but this unique project is very dear to my heart. I hope that through my skills with the camera, I can help the community gain a newfound respect for the hardworking women in the business world.

Of course, I’m available for other photography projects as well, including wedding photography and portraiture. If there’s a special occasion you want captured, don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer Sinclair Photography by calling 07878 169686 or by sending an email to [email protected]

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