Chasing Crazy Dreams…. Shoot with Fashion Blogger Snigdha Parijat

I’ve met so many like-minded people recently that are on an adventure to follow their passion and create a dream lifestyle doing something they love. It was so amazing to meet Snighna recently and take photographs for her fashion blog.   I’m going to love working with Snighna. She is such an inspiration for anyone wanting to ‘chase their crazy dreams in 2017’. Check out Snigdha’s recent blog post ‘What do you want to be’

I am loving the start of 2017! It’s fantastic to be able to work with such inspirational people for whom it is not about having a high powered job that brings success in a monitory value but being able to follow their passion and have a lifestyle business, which makes them happy.

Like Snighna’s childhood memories of growing up in India and for a fleeting moment wanting to be a pilot, sometimes what we think we want to be as a child doesn’t always turn out to be our dreams in reality. Attending a literary fest back in 2009 rekindled a passion in Snighna for literature. Bringing together her journalistic skills and a passion for fashion, I have no doubt that her blog will be an amazing success and not just a crazy dream.

Similar to Snighna I didn’t have a childhood dream to become a photographer. Not sure it even entered my head. I know I loved taking photographs though and would get excited when receiving the package of printed photographs through the post. Events and my life journey throughout the years led me to develop a passion for photography. I feel so lucky to be blessed with a passion that I can share with others.

I read an article this week about how being different, expressing your own individuality can make you feel a bit like a black sheep and others view our dreams as a phase we are going through or even that our dreams of developing a lifestyle business cannot provide the financial stability to support our lifestyles. “Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.” –Tony Hsieh (he CEO of the online shoe and clothing shop Zappos)


I love these photographs of Snigdha in this recent shoot. They portray confidence and ambition. The simple black dress, accessorized with a Gucci belt and bag look amazing.   I love that the black dress is complimented with a camel belted midi-coat (from Selfridges). It’s the perfect choice of outfit to make you feel good.


Take the path on your journey with optimism and hard work, chase your dreams and create the life we deserve. No dreams are really that crazy

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