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I met up with Claire last week as she starts her journey as mum-to-be! I had taken Claire and Gary’s photographs at their wedding in September 2016 at Barnett Hill, Guildford.   As Claire starts her journey to becoming a mum, I am also starting out on my journey to specialize my photography as a newborn baby photographer. What a perfect opportunity to get together at Barnett Hill!


newborn and pregancy photography Surrey

As a newborn photographer, it is important to capture ‘timeless portraiture’. There is no more special time in your life than when you decide to bring a child into the world.  With newborn baby photography, timeless portraiture becomes quite special.

It’s quite different for a wedding, there are a number of photographs taken and it is more about capturing the story of the wedding day rather than one unique timeless piece of art.  Digital photography has made wedding photography a ‘story-teller’ rather than being about an individual image. I have on my childhood photo disk this photograph of my parents on their wedding day, they don’t have over 700 images that capture their wedding day, only just a few, but I love this one unique image.

If I had to pick one timeless image from Claire and Gary’s wedding, it would be this black and white image of them on the steps at Barnett Hill. This would be my timeless wedding photograph of Claire and Gary. If Gary and Claire’ don’t have this photograph framed, I will gift it to them.  Maybe my wedding package should include a timeless bride and groom framed photograph?

What was quite special when I chatted to Claire was how her due-date was the birthday of her granddad; he was very special to Claire. I’m sure Claire will have a special photograph of her granddad. Parents don’t always want their photograph taken with the children and want only photographs of the children, but there is something missing in history of a photograph of the child with their parent. Capturing the moment in time how it is. Family connections are so important so how amazing it would be that Claire’s baby was born on her granddad’s birthday.

When my daughters were younger and before I became a professional photographer we went to a photographer in Market Harborough where we lived at the time. It was so long ago that the photographer actually photographed the girls on black and white film! I bought an amazing black and white framed piece of artwork.   Through the years I have moved a number of times and although the framed print had not always been displayed on a wall, it was carefully stored away.   With my new love of painting wood furniture, I’ve refreshed the wood frame with a ‘Surrey Hill’ green chalk paint and now the photograph has a permanent place as beautiful artwork in my studio.

As I painted the frame, I thought it might not be the girls that appreciate the importance of this photograph but maybe their grand children and future generations when printed framed portraits become valuable to a family’s history … something that wasn’t digital!

Treasure your family photographs not only for you here and now but for future generations and your family history

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