Beautiful bridal lingerie by Filly London


I had an amazing opportunity to take part in a photo shoot for the launch of beautiful bridal lingerie by Filly London.   It was great to hear from Esta on the background and inspiration for her design Filly London.

“I’ve always been a creative person which is probably due to being surrounded by an artistic family. My father is a professional artist who taught me that you can achieve anything in life that you really want to. I started designing clothing at a young age and have enjoyed doing so as a hobby ever since but decided to have a career change last year and realise my dream to launch Filly London.

The inspiration behind the brand was to bring high end silk lingerie and nightwear to the high street. Filly London is for sophisticated, classy, independent women who want to wear classic styles with a contemporary twist. Garments are sexy, simple and understated. I was frustrated with the limited choice of pure silk garments available that were manufactured in the UK and so decided to produce my own. Many designers shy away from using silk, it’s a beautifully delicate and versatile material but it’s not the easiest of fabrics to work with. Highly skilled machinists are essential and you need to use extra fine needles and high quality threads. All Filly London garments are made in Britain, this ensures I can meet customer timelines and produce high quality garments.

The current range consists of chemise, playsuit, bodysuit, robe and garters. I use Swarovski crystal buttons and embellishments, eye lash laces, crepe de chines, satins and georgette silks. I want to make brides feel special for their special day and wedding night; silk lends itself perfectly to this. Filly sizes are branded slightly different from the high street. I don’t believe in pigeon holing women into small, medium and large. The sizes are labelled instead 1,2 and 3 and I am keen to expand this to 4 and 5 within a year or two. There’s definitely not enough choice for women of larger sizes and this is something I plan to address as soon as I can.”

Filly London launches in spring 2017.

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