Ballet and photography passions come together – Alton, Hampshire

A wet Sunday afternoon and an old barn!   When we first discussed the idea of doing a ballet shoot in the wood, we knew bringing our passions for ballet and photography together was going to be fantastic.   Taking the ballet dancer out of the dance studio in a rural location, created a scene of an abandoned ballet dancer in the woods.  I love the contrast between the beautiful dancer and the gritty, dirty location.

Emma started dancing at 2 and a half and her mother always said she ‘came out dancing’ and as soon as she physically could was always rhythmically ‘jiggling’ her legs!  She went through dance school, working on examinations for ballet, tap, modern and jazz dance, but ballet always stood – ballet has such a grace and elegance about it. Following her love and passion for dancing, Emma went on to learn how to teach ballet and share the joy of ballet with students who have the same fire in their hearts for dancing as she had at their age.  She applied to the BA Hons (Ballet Education) degree programme at the Royal Academy of Dance and was extremely luckily accepted on to the course to study for three years. I’m now teaching whenever I possibly can, with my her own dance school in my reach…

Ballet dancer in the barn


ballet dancer – one of my favourite images


graceful ballet dancer


ballerina dancer

ballet dancer in the woods

ballet shoes

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