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I met Claire a few months ago whilst browsing in her shop Qwirky Women in Alton, Hampshire.  I was looking for a special present for my friend’s birthday.  I fell in love with her shop – wow! what great products.  Supporting the local community here in Alton, Claire and I have joined up to help each other promote our businesses.  Claire is looking to build a website to gain an online presence and I am delighted as a photographer in Alton to be able to take a series of photographs of Claire that she can use on her website.

I believe what makes a successful business is a drive and determination to succeed but having the customer at the heart of our business.  What connects Jennifer Sinclair Photography, Alton and Qwirky Women, Alton is the customers’ of our businesses, both the clients of Jennifer and customers’ of Qwirky women want something a little special, whether it be a stunning piece of jewellery or a beautiful collection of photographs; we both understand our customers.

Claire is not only a successful business women running Qwirky Women retail shop in Alton but also runs a spinning class at The All Results Gym in Alton, and the most important job of all is being a mother to her son.  She certainly does a fantastic job of keeping all those plates spinning!  As a successful business women I wanted to capture a Day in the Life of a Qwirky Women.  I look forward to sharing future blogs on Claire capturing a Day in the Life of a Qwirky Woman.

Claire started her business in October 2006, making jewellery and selling at home parties.  Her business was such a success that in October 2006 she opened her retail high street store in Alton and named it Qwirky Woman.  What fantastic branding, a twist on Qwirky – Claire’s shop Qwirky Women appeal to women who want something a little different and Claire’s products are certainly unique and quirky.  Her products range from scarfs, handbags, home decoration products, clothing and of course jewellery which she makes in her spare time!

Qwirky and definitely Something a little special!

Business Profile Photography Alton Hampshire

quirky product photographyquirky product photography

quirky product photography

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